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Soft Options Business Services -

In the "business growth" industry for nearly 40 years.

Accounting with a flair for technology


Always Moving forward

towards  increased profits and growth.

  • Know how you went

  • Know where you are now

  • Know where you're going

  • Know how to get there

  • Proven productivity Software

  • Business Growth & Automation

  • Training

  • Assessments & Clean ups 

  • Financial Forensics​                   

  • Accounting & Compliance

  • Financial Services

  • GST / IAS returns

  • Simple Financial Reporting

  • Optimal Software Systems

  • Software Integration

  • Process Automation

Be Informed
Regain Control
Plan for Growth



Soft Options Business Services provides a well defined marriage of services.

Financial management, education, mentoring and software utility maximisation for automation and streamlining.

Long History of Success in Business

Many businesses have depended on our long history of success in implementing systems and growth strategies;  experience which goes way back to the 1980's.

Our leadership team has a multi award-winning background in finance and IT.

This incorporates systems implementation, mentor-ship programs and our leadership has developed relationships with Telstra/Yellow Pages as a Business Awards Judge, Software Applications Reviewer & Journalist. 

What are good at?

  • Bringing your figures to life

  • Optimising cutting edge, cost-effective technologies

  • Implementing software roll-outs.

  • Mentoring

  • Change Management

  • Working with Teams in transition

Financially speaking, we'll ensure you get back in control, can measure the difference, remain informed and sustain a controlled growth plan all the way.

With an eye to the future, you'll be well positioned to handle the growth you'll inevitably experience.

A Holistic View

We take a holistic view of your business and plan for a sustainable business that enhances your business and personal life.

Caring Leadership

You'll find the team here is caring, knowledgeable and supportive of a changing environment at work where change may not necessarily be welcomed by everyone on the team. However, we'll help engage them and nurture them towards a shared vision.






"The Soft Options team member, 
Sally has been outstanding at supporting our service during such a tough time."
Susie Rosebank CEO - Bubup Womindjeck Family and Child Care Centre - Port Melbourne
"Soft Options Business Services was fabulous to work with. 
They provided helpful guidance and tips on using Xero and making the change away from our old outdated system.
We highly recommend them."
Michael & Ramali Wang Director - Co Develop Pty Ltd
(Property Development)


I have known Sally Gleitman since 9th October 2002 when I first contacted her to help us set up our construction business.  Sally was fantastic, she was very easy to work with and she helped set our business up and was excellent with the training and explaining how MYOB and all computer related tasks work.  She made it easy for me to get straight into working in the business. I continue to engage Sally every year on one or two occasions to help me update the financial year and other matters.  

Sally is always professional and reliable.  She always has a smile and I enjoy working with her.  

I would recommend Sally to anyone who needs help and direction with anything relating to finance and technology because she has both of these fields covered!  

If you wish to contact me, please do not hesitate on 0417 301 661. 

Suzy Green C J Construction Pty Ltd”

Trades and Construction
The people at Soft Options supported us in using email marketing to boost our profile and business engagement.
The lines of communications are more open now and our fan base and corporate clients are aware of our latest adventures in our field of work.
It's getting the results we wanted."
 Jack Levi MC, Entertainer, Comedian (Elliot Goblet)
Entertainment Industry





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