The TV Show DIY Media Revolution is a BIG CON!

I couldn't resist showing you this plaque because it's SO true!

The TV shows...

· The Block

· Better Homes and Gardens

· Gardening Australia

· Fixer Upper

· Good Bones…Masters of Flip...etc etc etc etc etc etc.

.....all make good TV entertainment but most of us mortals cannot or would never do what we watch them do on TV.

At least, not efficiently or effectively even if we could be bothered.

One exception! The program “Gogglebox”- where we watch other people watching TV.

Now there’s a hands-down, easy DIY project.

Most of us are already experts in that field of DIY.

Our chippy/carpenter client confirmed back to us that “The Block”, for example, gets the professional tradies to do all the work. The contestants are prodded to have conflicts with one another because that's good TV.

One of our team was employed to do an implementation for a development Company and guess what?

She accidentally met the twins who were contestants on the Block some series back.

They were employees of this development Company.

Yukkadoodleme! Fooled again!

I won’t say I’m innocent of this DIY caper myself.

Do I have to remind you I’m not perfect, even though you think I am. Lol !

I've spent hours painting all the walls in my house, stripping the wallpaper, you know the drill.

But really, it would have been done quicker, better, more effectively by a professional.

So, the TV DIY caper, it’s all “theatre”. You'd better believe it!

Yeh, but I love watching all those shows anyhow!!!

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