A Plum Effort by Go-Getter Kylee !

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

A letter from Kylee as a competition entry from business owner of Pro Pools won them a trip for two to Fiji.

From me to Kylee ... "Hello, Kylee, ya lil champion!

A Plum Effort!

Congratulations on winning the trip to Fiji (worth $15,000)."

This prize was awarded from Xero to business owners David and Kylee of Pro Pools in Moorabbin, Melbourne. Kylee wrote a review on what it meant to them to be using Xero as their accounting system.

Who says, competitions are not worth entering into?

The fringe benefits of the publicity that will accrue from this will have a "long tail" effect for you and your business.

How clever of you and what fun!

(read more below)

Now, here’s the one-minute-manager report, I sent to you previously. (read more below)

The monthly obligations and BAS summary template can be altered, given you are lodging your BAS monthly. (read more below)

Completing this report monthly and getting into this new habit, ensures you are well on the way to being in control of and tracking the END result of “the game” you are in.

The above exercise is all about controlling and UNDERSTANDING your figures; being “in-charge” of your business intelligence and being one step closer to achieving your goals.

Per our phone conversation today, the next step, is to move forward and set up a budget plan as your mentor is suggesting.

This may be challenging at first, but it will make the difference between “sink, swim or flying” into the future in a safe, secure and controlled way.

Kylee, up till now, it’s been all about recording your transactions accurately, keeping a track of customer payments, your obligations to your creditors, the ATO and so on.

Budgeting is the NEXT level. It will setup you up for a bright future and point you in a direction

that will get you the results you want.

Now, budgeting is all about being FORWARD thinking!

Without a budget plan, you are a ship without a rudder!

Embrace the opportunity.

BTW, just a reminder to watch Shark Tank on TV?

It teaches you what is important about being in business ie the BIG picture viewpoint.

Sit down with David and watch it together. You might need to watch it, episode after episode to

get all the messages you need to hear and which you can apply to your business.

One last message, the good news is….later, you can delegate the tasks that you

don’t want to do yourself, eg. the bookkeeping, budgeting, managing cash flows etc.

The time will come when you can play to your strengths and do more of what you WANT to do in the business and less of what you HAVE to do in the business.

But, right now, it’s important that you do what you are doing, yourself.

It’s the only way you can get a good understanding of your figures, the processes, the relevance, and the importance of crunching the numbers.

You will soon see that you will come from a position of strength when you start to delegate these tasks to someone else.

This is will happen when cash flow allows and when the time is right.

You'll just know when the time is right for that to happen.

Warm Regards…Sally Gleitman

This was a letter to Kylee and David of Pro Pools www.propool.com.au -

Pool maintenance services based in Melbourne, Australia.

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