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Go paperless or go home. Over a period of time, ​​I've watched a client learn, use and customise this system to collect, distribute and store information that important to their business. She's not technical but she has customised this system and successfully streamlined their business to the extent that they can now delegate more business activities to staff. They can now get on with different things they are interested in...eg golf.

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If you are…

  • Running a business

  • It’s growing

  • It's now harder to keep track of the information within your business

  • It’s harder to make use of the information that flows within your business

  • You want to streamline your business, so it virtually runs by itself.

....then you might like to read on.

A Case Study

I consider it a privilege to work with some of my clients. The ones who listen, learn and get on with the job of building a business system, not just a business.

Those who think about tomorrow today are the grinners and winners of tomorrow.

Running a business isn’t normally the easy route to take in life however, the rewards are innumerable and affect every aspect of your being. The affects ripple through to the whole family, your extended social connections and every experience in life that you have external to your business life.

I respect the people in this case study because thinking forward, planning, anticipating the road blocks, pushing through the obstacles, being strategic and taking action requires a lot of effort.

They are making the effort. It’s clear they are committed, ambitious, learning how to be leaders, persistent and they have a vision for the future.

We are talking about…

Pro Pools Pool Maintenance http://propool.com.au/

Business Owners: David and Kylee

Location: 9 Chapel Road, Moorabbin, Melbourne

Business Type: Pool Maintenance Business

Looking at their growth patterns, they see nothing but continued growth on the horizon.

They go about their business in a caring and ethical way with a long-term view.

On the side, Kylee is a bit of a bird whisperer. I’ve always laughingly said to her that she and her family belong in the country on a farm full of animals or in a zoo as zookeepers.

(She loves the wild birds in the area and they love her)

Here’s Kylee, welcoming in an unexpected customer into their recently occupied shop: their first retail store.

They’d like to go on holidays with their family knowing that her business can continue "ticking over" while her family is away.

In fact, as I write this, they are on their Easter holidays with the family and their business is still open and running. They’ve succeeded! Now that's where the magic is.

How does this happen?

Kylee & David think about tomorrow today. They’ve set up a software system that they designed themselves, specifically for their business.

Go paperless or go home!

If you're in business to get out of it, then this system is for you.

is an appropriate catchcry for those in business wanting to release themselves from the 9-5 doldrums of being in business.

This system helps them disseminate and receive information to and from their on-site staff who are “out in the field” doing what they do best.

Formitize is very powerful but these business owners are not at all IT savvy.

However, they’ve pushed through the learning curve and now they have a bespoke system that they can customise to suit them. It’s an evolving system that changes as their business changes. The long-term view is that it becomes an asset of the business if and when they decide to sell the business in the future.

They record their times and send images of the “before” and “after” work from their phones. The business owners have the movements and actions of their staff captured in their system and all under control. Further, they remain fully accountable to their clients when their clients contact them.

Formitize enables them to ...

  • Design forms that appear on their staff’s smart phones to capture the information they need about the work their staff does.

  • Send information to their team members phones on a timely basis

  • Capture the information they need to measure their business

  • Have their staff send back information from their phones back to the office needs for billing and monitoring purposes.

  • Track staff movements, their location and their clock on clock off timees.

  • Capture before and after images of their customers’ site property as necessary and report this back to the office.

  • Run a paperless office.

Kylee is the main operator of this system. I've seen her implement this system over time and it works.

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