How to make your figures look just as appealing as your next vacation

You know how it is. Your accountant shows you your Profit and Loss report and as the business owner, you know you should be engaged but you suddenly feel overcome with "the yawns". Your eyes glaze over.

Your mind starts drifting. "Where are we going for our next vacation" you're thinking.

You start to question why on earth you went into business in the first place. "This stuff is outta my league, not interested, hate it, get me outta here !" cry. dream on! Every word on that travel brochure suddenly becomes more worthy of your attention than anything your accountant is showing you. Thankfully, we can make your figures just as appealing as that travel brochure you're eyeing off.

Here's How:

1. Stick to the major players in Accounting Software; Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and let it do the work.

Use an accounting software system that's easy to use and whiz around once you get to know it over time. It's surprising how many business owners are still using outdated, cheap and perhaps nasty "fringe dwellers" in the accounting software world.

Stick to the major players in Accounting Software; Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks.

You'll grow into them.

You won't regret it.

There'll always be plenty of support when you need it with the major players in Accounting Software.

The saving in time and the availability of good support that the better software programs offer means you spend more time on more valuable tasks or more time with your family. This goes for choosing all software types eg CRM, Email, ERP software.

2. Delegate the task of translating your figures into a story, to a financial person who is a good communicator.

After all, there is always a story behind the figures.

Have your "financial story teller" read you a story like when you were a kid again...............well, maybe not quite like that, but nearly!

The story should be interesting because it relates to what you experience every day in your business.

3. Use software that presents your financials in very readable, understandable graphs.

Your financial professional should use software tools such as Spotlight or Fathom that help bring your figures to life.

These software tools present figures graphically in ways that you can relate to. These tools also compare figures that "spell out" areas of difficulty or strength in your business.

You can then focus on finding ways to work smarter not harder.

See below.

Now, which looks better....? Fig A or Fig B

Fig A

Fig B

Fig B

These images instantly give you the facts and figures in an easily digestible and visually appealing format, don't you think?

Contact us if you want your monthly figures presented to you like this. email or just call

Sally on 0400 880 886

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