Fake Review & News

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

This five star symbol has a life of it's own, doesn't it?

Fake Reviews & News,

as Trumpy Wumpy “coined it” ....

might have you making bad choices based on fake reviews & ratings.

Now, as you would imagine, these stars translate to lots of “MULA” for businesses who come up trumps, (pun intended) with high rankings and top reviews.

Until recently, me, myself and I also put a lot of value on these stars for my choices. For example, how do we choose where to go out for dinner with friends. We go to Zomato and check out the reviews.

Upon relying on the efficacy of these reviews, more than once, more than thrice…

(I’m saying THREE times and more..) I was frequently disappointed.

However, based on these particularly highly rated reviews, you were certainly guaranteed to have your “socks blown off” with delight. But …aaahhhh, sigh!

Alas ! Now I know why I’ve been left scratching my head as to how they get their high ratings.

They are, indeed, FAKE NEWS!


I got wise after listening to a podcast about how to “make FAKE” with ratings. Ratings can be manipulated using technology tools fit for purpose. Being the cynic that I am, needless to say, this confirmed my suspicions.

Anyone can google the topic and find out how to artificially improve ratings. Businesses have been established on the basis that they offer these services. However, to fight this battle, intelligence bots have the capacity to identify google buy Instagram followers and other “vanity metrics” that are used to artificially increase ratings eg services like “click farm” do it.

Many marketing businesses have spurt up on the basis that they sell services that will increase your ratings. They employee call centre people who manually work at increasing positive reviews.

For more…listen to my favourite Podcast App called…

The Podcast App”

There you will find “The Digital Marketing Podcast”

Episode 223 and 224 parts 1 and 2.

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